Sherlock: The Case of the Empty Tomb

Sherlock: The Case of the Empty Tomb

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“The first Easter, eh? That would have been something for a sharp-eyed Roman investigator.” He barked a short laugh: “One executed prisoner, mission accomplished and . . . boom–all of a sudden they stand there with an empty tomb! Well, isn’t that something . . .”
The conversation came to an end. The only thing that broke the silence was the sound of the ripping of envelopes and flicking through of papers. Had John H. Watson lifted his eyes, he would have seen that something had changed in the other man’s appearance. The listless expression on his face had disappeared, and was now replaced by intense concentration.
Sherlock sprang up from his chair, his eyes crystal clear, in that unmistakable way that bore witness that something had awoken inside his brain. He turned to John and emphatically declared: “I’ll take the case!”

How would the world’s greatest investigator handle the strangest disappearance in history? From Ash Wednesday to Easter Morning, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson travel through present-day England to establish what actually happened to the executed prisoner Jesus of Nazareth. Can Sherlock solve all problems which may arise along the way? And what is the solution to The Case of the Empty Tomb?

“Per Ewert’s Sherlock delights the reader as we discover the intelligent basis for our greatest hope. Could it be true that death does not have the final say? That we’re offered life and joy, both now and forever? This is the book I will most freely give to friends, and to myself.
–Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Founder, the Veritas Forum; author, Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas

“Suspenseful and entertaining, Ewert’s Sherlock leads readers on a trail to discover what really happened to Jesus. Did he actually rise from the dead? What is the evidence, and is it conclusive? Whether you agree with Sherlock’s conclusion or not, you will enjoy the story!”
–Michael R. Licona, Associate Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist University